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"The hardest thing about ‘Live below the line’ was simply being hungry …"


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"i was born in the wrong century," the girl sighs as she imagines a future where women have full ownership of their own bodies

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I made the mistake of leaving my sock drawer open and found Oliver napping in it. 


n. a moment of awareness that someone you’ve known for years still has a private and mysterious inner life, and somewhere in the hallways of their personality is a door locked from the inside, a stairway leading to a wing of the house that you’ve never fully explored—an unfinished attic that will remain maddeningly unknowable to you, because ultimately neither of you has a map, or a master key, or any way of knowing exactly where you stand. 

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I like the first Game of Thrones book mostly so far but I cannot get past the misogyny. Considering not reading any further….



crazy dark haired egomaniacs and their 100% done blonde boyfriends

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Make sure you tell the people you love that you love them. Loudly and often. You never know when it might be too late.

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Using a Lil Wayne related hashtag to fight sexism. #Remarkable.

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Inspired by Fornax’s amazing Ladyvengers (Femvengers? Idkvengers? AWESOMEVENGERS?), here are some genderswaps of the Warriors Three. I just love them so muuhuhuuuuch

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So again today I was complimented on how I look by a customer because I was doing fullscans in one of the sections and a man was looking at some books where I was, and I said, “Let me get out of your way”, and he said, “I don’t mind having a pretty girl in my way”. 


Punch Bowl Falls | Jameson Savage

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Link 1  <Personal & Body Care

Link 2 <Emotional & Psychological Closeness

Link 3 <Sleeping & Other Spacial Closeness

Link 4 <Life Arrangements

Link 5  <Urgent Situations

More examples include:

  • Being asked to open someone else’s mail
  • Having someone’s mail forwarded to your house
  • Being listed as someone’s emergency contact
  • Accompanying someone to the doctor/ therapist
  • Helping someone apply makeup (You’re given permission to touch their face and neck, especially the delicate area around the eyes, and to alter their presented identity.)
  • Reading to someone
  • Drawing someone (long periods of intense scrutiny)
  • Folding someone’s clothes

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Miracles do happen. You must believe this. No matter what else you believe about life, you must believe in miracles. Because we are all, every one of us, living on a round rock that spins around and around at almost a quarter of a million miles per hour in an unthinkably vast blackness called space. There is nothing else like us for as far as our telescopic eyes can see. In a universe filled with spinning, barren rocks, frozen gas, ice, dust, and radiation, we live on a planet filled with soft, green leaves and salty oceans and honey made from bees, which themselves live within geometrically complex and perfect structures of their own architecture and creation. In our trees are birds whose songs are as complex and nuanced as Beethoven’s greatest sonatas. And despite the wild, endless spinning of our planet and its never-ending orbit around the sun–itself a star on fire–when we pour water into a glass, the water stays in the glass. All of these are miracles.

Augusten Burroughs, This Is How: Proven Aid in Overcoming Shyness, Molestation, Fatness, Spinsterhood, Grief, Disease, Lushery, Decrepitude & More. For Young and Old Alike.

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